November 23rd, 2015

"Интерактивное ТВ слишком дорогое" - 1995 год

Ниже дана статья из New York Times от 11 августа 1995 рассказывающая как провалился один из первых проектов в области "интерактивного телевидения"

Published: August 11, 1995
U S West Inc., the regional telephone company based in Denver, said it had ended its experiment into interactive television shopping because it cost too much and the technology was out of reach. The decision added to a string of similar moves by large telephone companies recently, two years after they started ventures to add video services through telephone lines. U S West began to develop a service called U S Avenue in 1993 with several retailers, including Nordstrom Inc., the J. C. Penney Company, the Ford Motor Company, Hallmark Cards Inc. and Virgin Records. The service would have allowed customers to view merchandise and place orders using their televisions. John O'Farrell, president of the U S West Interactive Services Group, said the technology to create two-way television and sophisticated programming production was years away and more expensive than originally thought.

А вот как выглядело это самое интерактивное ТВ под названием "US Avenue" доступное в Денвере в 1994 г: